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Posted on : 30-01-2011 | By : Design_Nick | In : Тестируем, ищем и пользуемся

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Для экспорта записей из блога в твиттер поставил плагин для WordPress с названием Tweetable.

Из его описания:

Twitter Stream is a simple plugin designed to simply show a users Twitter timeline. It includes file caching to stop overuse of Twitter’s API. You can also choose how many updates to return (maximum of 200). It also includes autolinking for URL’s found within the timeline. Also includes a date ago feature, showing the time the tweet was posted in xx ago format. Also has a permalink pointing to the tweet.

A widget is included, but you must have WordPress version 2.8 or higher for it to work, however function usage should work down to version 2.5 although it has not been tested.

Twitter Stream requires PHP5 due to the use of SimpleXML. If you do not have PHP5 installed you will not be able to use this plugin.

Twitter Stream is also designed to be very lightweight & use the smallest amount of resources possible, ideal for shared or low memory servers.

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